My Grandmother Looks As Young As My Mom Now That She Had Botox

I caught my grandmother stretching the skin on her face while looking in the mirror. We were dressed to go see a play . She did not notice me at first. Then looked my way and was a bit embarrassed. She said that she has been noticing the wrinkles on her forehead and around her eyes getting more noticeable. I told her that she was very beautiful. She told me she knew that, but she was beautiful with wrinkles. My grandmother is important to me, so my husband and I paid for her to get Botox in Modesto as a gift for her birthday.

We knew that she would not go if we left it up to her. She is one of those people who sacrifices for others. I had talked to her about what kind of procedure, if any, that she wanted to do to get rid of her wrinkles. She told me that she had been reading a lot about Botox and thought it would work the best for her. That is why we got her the Botox. She had already even researched the doctor she wanted to do it. I know it sounds that if she went that far that she would go ahead and do it. Well, my grandmother likes to look into things, but she will always help another person first. She might never actually make the plunge to get a Botox treatment on her own.

Getting her treatments paid by us made her obligated to go through with it. She was very happy with the results. Also, I must admit that she really looks a whole lot younger. Grandma is in great shape, and now looks so much younger with the wrinkles gone. People think that her and mom are sisters. That really makes Grandma feel good.