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Weight Loss and Hair Reduction A lot of people are very curious about the connection between weight loss and hair reduction and there causes. It is very important for you to understand extreme weight loss in order for you to know the connection between the two. All people are really into losing weight. In order to achieve weight loss, you have to have a healthy diet though it may take longer than you want to. In having a healthy diet, you also need to burn calories and consume less for it to be more effective. Some people are fund of having a diet but making their selves killed and this is a very bad move. You might get sick and the weight you lost will soon come back that makes your effort nonsense. In just a short period of time, your weight will reduce big amount of fats through crash dieting.
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Extreme weight loss can be achieved through limiting yourself from too much food. I those cases, loss of essential vitamins and minerals are needed for weight and hair growth. B vitamins and minerals such as Niacin, B6, Biotin, magnesium, sulfur and the like are the examples of the deficiencies. A lot of fruits and vegetables contain these kinds of vitamins and minerals.
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It is advisable for you to take a physical exam if you want to know if you currently have accurate weight with your height. When you already get rid of the illness, you will be able to have a quality hair growth. Trauma, stress, heredity, illness and so much more are the reasons why you are experiencing hair loss. Hair loss also happens when you take medications. Naturally, when your hair recovered, it will be improved. You will experience new hair growth over time when you stop your medications like chemo treatments. When it comes back, there are many instances that its color will not be the same as it was before. Simple treatments like hairstyle changes, exercising, eating healthier is also included. Your scalp will also be affected through topical treatment. Scalp irritation and hair loss can be reduced through oral medications like anti-inflammatories and anti-depressants. In conclusion, having an extreme weight loss also leads to having a hair loss. Unhealthy weight loss and hair reduction are not really good for our own body and health. We need to remember that we need to be careful with what we take in because the more nutrients we have in our body, the more our body will function well. Your hair will likely improve if you once you restored to normal levels. If ever you have lost a lot amount of weight, you need to seek help from a doctor for him to help you in your problem. A doctor can help you avail treatments for weight loss and hair reduction. In getting you better and in getting you back, a doctor or a physical can help you regain it.