I Had a Pain in My Back

I used to be able to handle pain quite well. I would never see a doctor just because I was hurting unless it went on for days with no relief. I am still that way to a degree, but I will certainly see a doctor a lot sooner if it is a pain that I am concerned about. For instance, my back was hurting me when I woke up several months back. I figured I had just slept wrong or fitfully, so I just took it easy that day. However, I knew I needed to see a chiropractor in Cumming when I could not get comfortable in bed that night.

Sleeping the wrong way can cause some severe back pain, but I knew by that night that this was something different. The next morning, I called a local chiropractor’s office to see about coming in as soon as possible, and I was really happy that they were able to see me that same day. When I went in, I had to do the usual paperwork so they were aware of my medical history, then I had an examination by the doctor.

I thought that part of this might just be me getting older and not recovering very fast from things. However, it turned out to be something entirely different. Basically, my back was out of whack. I had no idea what he even meant by that, but he did a fine job of explaining it to me. He also was quick in telling me about spinal manipulations too, because the description can cause some people to panic. I was not worried about it though because he was really good with explaining things. I was also able to get my first adjustment done that same day, and that helped a lot. I go back at least once every couple of months to get another adjustment, and I feel better than ever now.