I Got Hurt Playing Hacky Sack

When any of my friends have gotten hurt in the past, a very interesting story usually accompanied the explanation of their injury. One friend broke her leg while skiing, and another had three surgeries because of a six car pile up on the Interstate. When I got hurt, it was almost embarrassing to say it was because of playing Hacky Sack. The sack was in motion for over three minutes, and I did not want to be the cause of it going out of play. The only thing that resulted though was my visit to a San Diego chiropractor after I went to keep it in play and landed flat on my back.

I honestly thought I had broken something, However, I was able to get up with some help, and I was able to walk around too. While I was relieved over that, I was still in a lot of pain. I decided to visit a chiropractor instead of my regular doctor because a good bit of the pain was in my back. My friend who was in the car wreck told me that his chiropractor was really good, so I made an appointment for there.

I actually had to limp into the office, because I felt even worse the next day. I wished that I had taken them up on their offer to come in that day, but I had no idea I would feel as if a truck had run me over instead of a tiny Hacky Sack. The good news is that the chiropractor was able to help me a lot. I had several adjustments done, plus I was given a list of exercises to do at home to help stretch my muscles. The bad news is that my friends still tease me about it to this day, but even I have to laugh at the absurdity of it all.