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Some Useful Suggestions if You Want to Stop Smoking Weed If you are like many other people who believe that smoking weed is an addiction that is the same as regular cigarette smoking, then you are mistaken. As a matter of fact, it is not the same case for both. Marijuana does not have any chemical substance that can cause physical addiction, but it is more of a psychological case because of the sensation that smoking weed evokes. As such, a psychological predicament needs a psychological solution.The “addicted” person, of course, should be agreeable to taking the necessary measures. The following are some steps on how to quit smoking weed: Encourage Yourself to Stop. Since it is considered as psychological addiction, it is important that you resolve to quit the habit on your own. You need to look at weed at a totally different angle and acknowledge that it does not help you at all. Remember how smoking weed caused some bad things in the past to happen in your life. Consider all of your mistakes as influenced by a nonsense habit. Remember how all of these felt. As well, consider your future.
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Replace the feeling. People are smoking weed because it is what they want and they love the feeling it evokes when they are doing so. Having said that, you could try and put in place positive feelings in lieu of the negative ones by engaging in other activities.
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Remember how it feels when you are high, and then find something else which gives you the same satisfaction level. You can try working out, engaging in some fun stuff with friends, practicing a new sport, or anything else. Take the time finding healthier alternatives to arouse positive sensation. Surround yourself with the right people. Actually, if your all people in present social circle are smoking weed themselves and do not have any intention of quitting, you cannot expect to find it easy to quit yourself. If this signifies giving up some friends in particular then you might as well go ahead and do so. Alternatively, seek out a devoted support group or at least look for people who are extra supportive of your intention to quit. Implement an additional step. Finally, some people will be able to restrain the habit through a combination of will power and the above points alone.For others, they might have to go further. Using some comprehensive system to ensure that you stay the course is a good idea. A good idea is counting the money you save each day because you quit, and to remind as well as congratulate yourself of this savings every day. Or you can commit yourself specifically to the goal of quitting within 30 days only.